This Week’s Ref is Baldomero Toledo

Red-weary Lions fans rejoice, this weekend’s official does not appear to be a red card power-tripper. After reviewing as many games as we could find that he officiated this year, we are hard-pressed to point out any utterly stupid cards. Of the 4 red cards he handed out, 3 were straight and all of those were in the same game. The good news is that a legitimate argument could be made for all three, with 1 being no question.

Chicago just came off a dominating performance against the Red Bulls but we must take care of business and nail down these 3 points. The team has had a Come To Jesus meeting this week about the recent slump and we will see if that is reflected Saturday.

Ramos will be out for the game as Orlando City’s red card appeal was rejected. Shea is also out. It is going to be a hard-fought contest but we can pull this one out if we can just manage to stay on the field.