Preview: Lions vs. Colorado Rodney Dangerfields

The Colorado Rapids are the Rodney Dangerfield of MLS. The Rapids, a team Orlando City faces Wednesday night, are a founding member of Major League Soccer.

In the 19 years that the team has been kicking around the league, they have never won any championship or title. They managed to make it to the final of the MLS Cup in their second year of existence which resulted in a loss to D.C. United. Bill Clinton was president at the time.

The next time they flirted with the warm glow of winning was in 1999 (Bill Clinton was still president) when they made it to the final of the U.S. Open Cup only to lose to, wait for it, the Rochester Rhinos.

No respect, I tell ya!

This is not to say anything of the horrific colors this team sports and the fact that they play in, bless their burgundy and Carolina blue hearts, a stadium with the word “Dick” in the name.

The Rapids crawl into the Citrus Bowl riding a 4 game winless streak and rocking a -1 goal differential with a 1 ppg rating which is tied for next to last among all MLS teams. They’ve scored 3 goals in the last 5 games. This is a bad team.

Naturally, the Lions should hammer them, but the Lions should have hammered the Impact, too. Our prediction: If Orlando City actually plays like Orlando City, Lions 4 – Rapids 0

If however the Lions play like that strange Twilight Zone team last Saturday, Lions 0 – Rapids 0.