Kit sponsor Orlando Health to make the jump to MLS with Orlando City

Orlando City and Orlando Health announced a continuation of their partnership today that will make Orlando Health the kit sponsor and medical provider for Orlando City for the foreseeable future.

“We are absolutely delighted that they have made this journey with us and they’re going to make the journey to the major league with us,” remarked Orlando City President Phil Rawlins. “Orlando Health has been on the front of our jersey now for three years. We’re looking forward for them to be on our jersey for many years to come. But as important for us is the medical care they provide for us. They are a top class health care facility and we want the very best for our players and that’s what we have with Orlando Health.”

Rawlins declined to disclose the value of the sponsorship stating a confidentiality clause.

Head Coach Adrian Heath, Bryan Burke, Dennis Chin and Miguel Gallardo look on as the
announcement is made that Orlando Health will remain the kit sponsor for years.

This agreement marks the first time in MLS history that a team has come into the league with a shirt sponsor. Rawlins also stated that Major League Soccer had been following the negotiations with Orlando Health and signed off on the deal.

Rawlins was also asked whether they had made any progress on naming rights for the upcoming stadium. “We are in discussions with several organizations right now about naming rights for the stadium.”

Orlando City President Phil Rawlins speaks to the media afterwards.

On a related note, Rawlins also mentioned that 2014 jerseys will be available starting December 10th and that an announcement regarding them will be arriving in the forthcoming weeks.

This was of course only the first of two big announcements this week for the Lions. When asked about the events of tomorrow in Downtown Orlando, Rawlins remarked, “I’d say to everybody, come out tomorrow night, we’re going to have a great party. We’ll be down on Church Street from about 5 o’clock onwards. And come out and enjoy Major League Soccer coming to Orlando.”

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