Adrian Heath ain’t got no time for tampering

Tuesday night during the Orlando City coach’s call in show, a fan asked Orlando City Head Coach Adrian Heath about the possibility of obtaining Dom Dwyer. In response, Heath stated, “There is no secret that Dom wants to be here. We have tried to bring him here. We have done everything we can. Unfortunately, we can’t do it yet. But we will keep trying. I think this is his spiritual home. He wants to come back. We would love to have him, but we will have to wait and see how long it takes before we can do it.”

This comes on the heels of a report by Gavin Ewbank, formally of O’Town’s 11 and now of The Mane Land that indicated that Orlando City had offered a record amount of money in an attempt to bring Dwyer over that Sporting Kansas City rejected.

Now Sporting Head Coach Peter Vermes has responded in the media with comments critical of Heath’s answer, “First of all, I think they’re uncalled for,” Vermes said. “I think that if you looked around the league, every team, every coach, would say there is a player on someone else’s team that they would love to have. Dom is a very sought-after player by many teams in the league, not just [Orlando City]. I think it’s unfortunate that it comes out publicly like that, because what it could do – and it hasn’t, which is great – but it could, within a team, disrupt it.”

Now some in the Twitter-verse are all hot and bothered about tampering, a concept that seems rather bizarre in a single entity system such as MLS.  Yet, like with many strange MLS rules, there does happen to be a rule about it. Did Heath run afoul of Major League Soccer tampering rules? Let’s take a look:

“Any member, officer, shareholder, director, partner, employee, agent, or representative thereof or any person holding an interest in a team cannot tamper, negotiate with, or make an offer, directly or indirectly, to a player or his representative.

“Same parties also may not tamper with: (i) a coach or other employee under contract with another member; or (ii) an employee at a director level or above of another member, in each case, unless written permission is first sought from the general manager or principal of such other member, which permission may not be denied with respect to upwardly mobile positions.”

Clearly Coach Heath never made an offer directly or indirectly to Dwyer in the answer to the question. He stated that they have in the past made offers and that they will continue to make them. This is not in violation of the rules as written.

The only potentially controversial comment was Heath’s speculation as to what Dwyer would like to do. It’s possible that Dwyer would love to come to Orlando, he had unreal success here. But it is also possible that he loves playing in Kansas City. You could also make the comment that generally most people would rather be in Orlando that Kansas City. As proof, here’s a picture of Vermes looking rather irritated in Kansas City. Can you imagine that face in Orlando? Maybe he needs to go to Disney.