MLS Next and Big 4 Comparison


FASHION! We love us some fashion here, mm, mm, mmm!

Now we’re gonna be real about this. The current MLS logo leaves a lot to be desired. It’s unwieldy and visually complicated. It screams Youth Soccer League and it is neither modern nor professional looking.

But this has all changed with the league’s introduction of an all new logo system and branding they’re calling MLS Next. This new logo has 3 stars for club, community and country! It also has a slash climbing at a 45 degree angle signifying the league’s ascendency along with a lot of things we care absolutely nothing about!

It has its flaws, we could do without the phallus hanging off the left side but…

Aside from the marketing lunacy, this really is about MLS making a break from the past and entering a new era with more teams and popularity than ever before. This new logo system lends itself to customization with the individual teams and can result in a branding that’s subtle and makes the focus all about the team.  It’s kind of like how the U.S. Military so awesomely does it with Old Glory:





We all know MLS is really actually competing with the Big 4 professional leagues in North America. How does the new logo compare? LET’S FIND OUT!


NFL – The National Football League shield has red, white and blue and a football which basically says, this is America. Deal with it. 8 stars, one for each division is about the only symbolism you are going to find here. But like the league it represents, this logo is a stuck in a rut, hegemonic colossus incapable of quickly adapting to negative perceptions and changing societal attitudes. Just look at that ancient font. Advantage: MLS with phallus


MLB – Major League Baseball has the national American colors as well but this time in reverse, with the blue, white and red which is kind of sad when it is supposed to be the national pastime. To be frank though, it should have a needle in it so we can get over the PED conversation and back to watching static, boring baseball, just like this logo has been since 1969. Advantage: MLS with phallus

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 9.08.54 PM

NBA – Now the National Basketball Association has an iconic logo represented with the silhouette of one of the game’s all time great players, Jerry West. Like the MLB logo, we have blue, white and red but unlike the MLB logo, this actually makes since. Blue on the left showing coolness under pressure with a player who has a hot hand in the red. Classic. Advantage: NBA with JayDUB


NHL – Colors? The National Hockey League don’t need no COLORS! It’s black and white like all men should see things. You check me, bro? I’ll check you through the wall. I’ll check you over the wall and out the building! This badge is a license to beat you in the face! Advantage: NHL with hardcore

Two out of four ain’t half bad, well actually it is, but we’re half-full optimists here. We’re hoping the league starts recognizing better things to do with the bottom half of the logo, and with the responsiveness it tends to have towards fans’ demands, we’re thinking this could go some really nice places in the future. Hit us up on Twitter with what you think @citybeautifulsc