A Message to Ultra Wannabes

If you can make it a whole 90 minutes at an Orlando City soccer game without re-enacting Caligula in public, then you can skip the rest of this editorial.

This is not a hit piece on everyone that is in a supporters group. As a matter of fact, we love us some supporters group action but at the same time, we also appreciate the need to keep it clean and in good fun.

That being said, there comes a time when grown adults need to act like it. Fortunately for some individuals in the supporters groups that time is now. In the space of a few weeks that saw the signing of noted Christian role-model and worldwide soccer superstar Kaká, the release of stadium renderings designed with supporters groups specifically in mind and a hugely affordable season ticket pricing model, Orlando City SC was rewarded with a bunch of purple clad morons instigating fights, disrespecting the Five-0 and beating down children in Tampa.

Good job, guys.

Enough is enough. When Disney is kicking you out and dropping the ban hammer because you can’t quit your love affair with the F-Bomb or the homosexually-centric F-Bomb or the Spanish variation thereof, when you can’t simply go to a game and chant without getting into a shoving match or glossing yourself as some kind of True Fan® enforcer, when you are involved in incident after incident after incident, and yet are never ever to blame, maybe it’s time to look in the mirror.

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 6.24.17 PM

Over the past week we have been on Twitter reading the back and forth between ILF and Ruckus apologists defending the indefensible behavior in Tampa on Sunday. Finally on Wednesday, Orlando City SC President Phil Rawlins doled out the harshness and banned both of them until they can get their crap together.

In the same spirit, we wish to spell out the reality in some misguided and completely vain attempt to speak some truth to the individuals in question.

This isn’t Occupy Orlando City SC. This isn’t your very own personal soccer themed backdrop to act out Nietzsche’s Übermensch. This is a team that belongs to the entire city of Orlando.

Every fan has as much of a right to enjoy the game in their own way as the supporters groups do. As such if they want to bring their children, they should be able to do so without fear of having to discuss “special new words” on the drive home.

Events like what happened last Sunday are causing people to reconsider season ticket purchases and this team can not be successful if families don’t show up, families that bring their kids and buy shirts, hats, and refreshments.

If the Citrus Bowl is not rocking 20k attendance a game, then the visuals look bad. If the visuals look bad, people don’t watch on TV. If TV ratings go down, league revenue goes down. If league revenue goes down, then higher quality players leave the league.

So you can troll Ralph’s Mob and get arrested and have no team, or you can act like a normal human being and properly cheer and have Kaká on your team. Your call. Well, actually not anymore, Phil has shown you where this leads. Get with the program or stay home, that’s your call.