Orlando City announces 2015 Season Ticket pricing

Orlando City SC today released season ticket pricing for the 2015 inaugural MLS season. With both an outright purchase price and the option to engage in a payment plan, there are multiple ways to secure your place pitch-side for the fast approaching historic season.

Season tickets will go on sale June 12 and for those who are not current 2014 season ticket holders, a $50 fully refundable deposit can be placed to gain secondary priority for 2015 season tickets. All 2015 season ticket holders have priority for purchasing season tickets for the 2016 season which will take place in the new downtown soccer stadium.

The pricing is right in line with what Orlando City President Phil Rawlins predicted in the downtown soccer-specific stadium meetings with the Orlando City Council and Orange County Commission when he stated that the ticket prices would not increase all that much over what they are today.

In fact, they are even better.

As a promotion with the 2014 World Cup, the team has created discount pricing that is actually cheaper than the current tickets to USLPro games. All homering aside, we at TCBG cannot stress how much of a great deal this is.

Full pricing begins at $320 for Supporters and North End sections and moves up to $1,500 for club level. Let’s compare that to Orlando Magic season tickets which start at $499 and go up to a staggering $14,900 for the privilege of watching a lottery basketball team.

The outright purchase pricing ranges from $30-$50 less than the payment plans. The latter are paid over the course of 9 months ending on March 1st, 2015 just weeks before the kick-off of the Lions’ first MLS season.

We’ve never been awesome at math here at the TCBG, but even we can see the value here. This is an opportunity to be part of Orlando sports history, of MLS sports history, heck even North American sports history.

It might not look like it now, but we are of the opinion that soccer in America is on an irreversible rise and eventually it will pass the NFL in popularity and for a galactically low price, fans can watch it happen in person.

With what amounts to a 90% reconstruction of the Citrus Bowl, those who decide to purchase season tickets will have a unique opportunity to open essentially 2 brand new stadiums in as many seasons.

Because of delays in getting land together to start construction on the soccer specific stadium, the 2015 season will be played entirely in the newly renovated Citrus Bowl which promises to have some choice creature comforts not seen before in that location.

These are exciting times in Orlando sports and anyone who wishes to be a part of them can do so by putting down deposits on season tickets at the following links.

Click for 2015 Season Ticket Deposits

Click for Official 2015 Season Ticket Announcement