Queue the Sexy: Lions release MLS badge


Just like that, your Orlando City SC Lions have the New Hotness. In probably one of the Most Awesome Decisions Of All Time, OCSC tapped Lions season ticket holder and never say die graphic designer David Brotherton to bring the Purple into the MLS era in style. Now you are going to hear things about the symbolism of this badge like 21 solar flares for being the 21st MLS team or the little crest there to symbolize our championship heritage or the purple because we generally give purple nurples to the Rowdies, but there are much more galactically cool aspects of this logo which we will delve into forthwith.

1. It’s the logo for Orlando City Soccer Club.
Anything that holds this position is de facto sublime.
2. If you look too long into its eyes you will find yourself strangely craving a cold grape soda.
3. If you cut the lion out along the sun flares, you will have a Ninja throwing star.
4. This logo will be placed in the Miami Beckhams’ bathrooms because nothing makes a Miami Beckham s—t his pants faster than the sight of a Lion.
5. “Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba” can be seen in Latin when it is held up to the light.
6. Captain America only uses the star shield because his OCSC shield is in the shop.
7. If you listen closely, you can hear Liam Neeson talking to you.
8. If you listen even more closely, you can hear James Earl Jones.
9. Police will use it as their new riot shields.
10. One word: Thundercats.