The Ref Belongs on OBT

Enough is enough. This past Sunday was just the latest example of stupidity from the hilariously-named PROreferee cabal. Mark Gieger, he of the infamous Gold Cup Mexico-Pananama screw job, was back at it again in Orlando City Stadium making idiotic decisions left and right and generally wrecking the game.

Now before you launch about how we sucked, well, we sucked. Orlando City sucked all game playing like Zero F***s were given and generally letting NCYFCYFYCNCYFNNFYCN get away with whatever they felt like.

But that’s not really the important thing here. The important thing is that once again the chant rang out, THE REF. BELONGS. ON OH BEE TEE. So we pondered this and we decided that there should be a T-shirt about that. Why? Because we are sick and tired of going home after spending our hard earned money and time and screaming until our throats were hoarse only to watch some dumbass waving his ego around and not calling a fair game and not having any recourse or say in the matter.

F*** that.

This is our response. Laugh if you like, buy it if you want but we had to finally take a stand.