Adrian Heath didn’t know the team name, colors or location before signing on with Rawlins

Adrian Heath is now getting recognized on the street, part of the perks that go along with being the city’s newest professional sports franchise. This is surely a long way from the frustrating place he found himself in after he was relieved of coaching duties of Coventry City of the English Championship league in 2007.

Thankfully for Orlando City fans, he was interested in helping to grow the sport in America and now things have come full circle as the ownership have stood by him as the MLS team’s first head coach.

“I want to build a club in America. Do you want to come with me?”
-Phil Rawlins’ pitch to eventual head coach Adrian Heath

In an interview with Jeff Bradley of, Inchy answered wide ranging questions regarding everything from the team’s Brazilian football contacts to Orlando City’s aggressive ball control style of play. He also touched on plans the team is making for him to get down to Central America for additional talent scouting ahead of the 2015 MLS debut. He also revealed a little known fact about the early history of the team regarding how he was recruited by team President Phil Rawlins, “That’s when Phil called me and said, “I want to build a club in America. Do you want to come with me? We don’t know where we’re going to play. We don’t know what the name of the team is. We don’t know what our colors will be.”